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Care Instructions

Jewelry and accessories are beautiful treasures that can be preserved for extended wearing by making simple effort and a little advanced planning. We recommend the following steps in prolonging the integrity of your purchased jewelry piece.


Wearing Jewelry

The first step in caring for your jewelry starts with proper wear.  Understanding when to put on and take off your jewelry will provide significant aide in extending the life of your jewelry.  Your treasured piece should be the last item you put on when leaving your home and the first thing you take off.  Put jewelry on after applying cosmetics, perfume, lotions, hairspray, and the like.  Limiting exposure and contact to chemicals will contribute to preventing potential damage. 

Remove jewelry before you plan to exercise, bathe, swim, visit the spa or engage in any other activity that may result in the contact of your jewelry with moisture.  Harsh solvents and chemicals, like chlorine water or salt water, can often damage jewelry, may cause color changes, or may even cause rhinestones to loosen over time.  

Do not sleep with your jewelry on. This causes unnecessary stress on to your jewelry piece and may make it more susceptible to damages or even breakage.


Cleaning Jewelry

Gently wipe clean your jewelry after each wear with a soft, lint-free cloth before putting it away. This will remove the oils from your skin, makeup and other debris picked up throughout the day that may cause the item to tarnish.

Avoid abrasive polishes, dips or scrubbing tools. Jewelry cleaning products may remove a layer of the plating and may cause color change in any of the other jewelry components.

Storing Jewelry

To store your jewelry item, do so in a moisture-free, air-tight bag or box in a cool place away from direct sunlight. If possible, try to store each item separately so as to prevent from scratching other jewelry. Limiting exposure to air and humid environments will extend the life of your jewelry.



As with any purchase, the life span of your jewelry piece depends on the love and care you give it. We hope these steps will help you keep your jewelry looking new.